Meet the team

Julie Ross

As Events Consultant, Julie’s role is to manage the client’s needs. She thrives at catering to individual requirements and is extremely organized.
Julie has a vast amount of experience that she has gathered by working with patients and co-workers in the dental industry since 2003. Julie is also the director of her own, successful, consulting business and she is dedicated to both her clients, and her work.
Together Rachel and Julie can combine their talents to raise customer satisfaction to new levels that only you can discover by seeing for yourself.

Rachel Dilley

As Business Manager of The Room, Rachel’s role is to manage the day to day operations of the business, as well as working closely with all our visitors and their guests.
Rachel is the practice and business development manager of Town Hall Dental, with a career in the dental industry spanning 25 years. Clients of Town Hall Dental will be familiar with the attention and care that is given to all visitors, with customer service being a top priority as well as unparalleled patient care. With The Room at Town Hall, Rachel intends to bring that same level of service to visitors looking for the next level in hospitality.
As an active member of the local community, charity work is a large part of the work that Rachel undertakes. Regularly assisting with fundraisers for Overgate Hospice, Rachel is determined to provide a devoted location to not only help with her charitable efforts, but provide a space for all local businesses and groups to thrive.

Michaela Noble

Michaela may be the newest member to join the Award Winning Team at The Room at Town Hall, but she’s no stranger to working with the rest of the Team here. Working along side Rachel and Julie for many years, Michaela has earned the respect and trust of both the rest of the team as well as customers too.

Michaela is part of the front of house team, and as our Events Hostess, she’s friendly and efficient. Michaela is also extremely customer-focussed, ensuring that even the small details are dealt with and that accommodations are met. Michaela is one of the most celebrated members of staff already at Town Hall, mentioned by many long-standing customers, and we’re sure that she will do just as well here at The Room.