Pants to Charity! Debriefed Underwear

Okay, rather a personal question first off, but please don’t be offended. What underwear are you wearing? No really… We’re not asking for any perverted reasons but to make you think about one of the most intimate garments you own. Hopefully for many of you, a fresh pair of newly washed and fabric conditioned underwear was the first thing you put on today. Whatever the size, shape, fit or colour. But for many people living on the streets, this is a luxury that never greets them… Well today we started a change, with Debriefed Underwear.

Pants to Charity!

With the help of The Room in Brighouse, we organised a meeting of minds within our meeting room as part of our care in the community drive and got together local businesses to see what could be done to ease the conditions for those less fortunate. Lead by Rachel here at the room and Louise from the charity Focus4Hope, we managed to attract assistance from local underwear manufacturers to get new underwear to the homeless.

Focus4Hope is a charity who provide so much for so many in desperate need of help and assistance in the local area. Featured before in our blog. They help those who have no access to support, food, clothing or the most basic of amenities that many take for granted such as healthcare and they can only do this with the support of others too.


Debriefed Underwear

Debriefed Underwear

When the call for help came, it was two business owners who manufacture their underwear themselves in Brighouse who stepped up to the mark and offered the resources of their business to assist in this project. Kit Wilde, founder of Debriefed Underwear along with Craig Hendry, Founder of brands Bum-Chums and Mr Smith’s Underwear offered a life line to the homeless people on their doorstep.

Their brands collectively are designed, manufactured and distributed from their factory here in Brighouse and they have a stunning range of underwear available, to suit nearly any shape and size and centre their brand firmly upon body confidence. It’s one of the reasons they wanted to help and become involved.

With over £750 of fresh newly Brighouse-Made underwear provided, we’re over the moon at their generosity.


Could you help?

Do you think you could help too? If so, it doesn’t matter how much or how little, whether it’s a donation to Focus4Hope, donating time to help with their activities. Please feel free to contact them to get involved. Or you could help in other ways. Why not take a look at the stunning range of Men’s Underwear available from Debriefed Underwear?

By doing that, you’ll help them to be able to afford to donate more underwear to the homeless in the future. Meaning the next time you wake up and change into a fresh pair of underwear, you’ll also have the added feeling of knowing you’re helping those less fortunate.





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