Please Welcome Michaela Noble

Welcome Michaela Noble to the Team at The Room

This week sees The Room at Town Hall welcoming the newest member to the team, Michaela Noble. We’re sure you’ve probably seen her around at Town Hall Dental, but it’s official… Michaela has joined the team upstairs too.

Who is Michaela Noble?

Michaela Noble The Room at Town HallMichaela may be the newest member to join the Award Winning Team at The Room at Town Hall, but she’s no stranger to working with the rest of the Team here. Working along side Rachel and Julie for many years, Michaela has earned the respect and trust of both the rest of the team as well as customers too. See Michaela and the rest of the Award-Winning-Team by clicking here.

Michaela is part of the front of house team, and as our Events Hostess, she’s friendly and efficient. Michaela is also extremely customer-focussed, ensuring that even the small details are dealt with and that accommodations are met. Michaela is one of the most celebrated members of staff already at Town Hall, mentioned by many long-standing customers, and we’re sure that she will do just as well here at The Room.

Liaise with Michaela when you book your Event

If you have an event, a meeting, a gathering or maybe something else requiring the use of a beautifully and tastefully decorated, capacious, dynamic meeting space, why not contact us to enquire about booking?

On the day you’ll probably deal with Michaela as she’ll be our Event Host on the day of your event. Michaela will ensure your needs are met and that your event goes as smoothly as possible. Creating a perfect contact point for the duration of your booking.

If you’re visiting the Room at Town Hall and happen to see Michaela, why not say hello or ask any questions you may have, and you’ll find out just how friendly and helpful she is.

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